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The Pros and Cons of Estate Living

Settle down in an estate, head for the suburbs or try out the countryside? These options offer residents a host of advantages, and as always, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and lifestyle needs.  We weighed in on the pros and cons of Estate living.


Security: Residential estates are the undisputed winners when it comes to safety. Crime is an unfortunate reality that plagues many households in Ghana and Nigeria, which is why estates have popped up as secure options for living spaces. As a resident, you do pay a premium for this peace of mind, but it can often be worth the investment to feel completely secure in your home.  Most estates offer some form of armed security, perimeter walls and security cameras.

Secure investment: Estates are generally a safe investment, as home prices tend to rise in these areas. The value of your home is higher than a normal house, ensuring a good return on your investment if you ever decide to sell

Management and upkeep: Most estates include shared areas, with features like parks, tennis courts, play areas, golf courses, water features and the like. These offer functional and aesthetic advantages. Home Owners Associations regulate communal areas and ensure that regular upkeep keeps roads free of potholes and communal areas free of unsightly debris.

Community: When you live in a secure estate, you are more likely to walk in the streets, allowing you to develop relationships with your neighbours. Estate living is community-centred, and many offer communal spaces where you can build relationships within the estate community.


Price: secure estate living doesn’t come cheap. Most (if not all) estates impose their own fees, which pay for estate upkeep, security and other services.  Although these fees may seem steep, one must keep in mind that they are used for your gain.

Loss of freedom: As part of estate living, one has to abide by certain rules and regulations. These may pertain to noise levels, pets, visitors, or even how you decorate your home. Mobus Properties Ltd. is a privately-held Ghanaian property investment, development and management company focusing on commercial and residential property development. The company has property portfolios in Ghana and Nigeria.

Mobus can you help you find the perfect home. Contact us today! 

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