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How to Choose Paint Colours for the Interior of your Home

So, you’ve taken the plunge. You’ve invested in the property of your dreams, and you’ve got your dream home. Your very own home: a blank slate for you to use to channel your style. But… now you’re stuck. How should you decorate your home? Which way should the living room face? It’s a daunting process, decorating your dream home. Which is why we’re starting simple and helping you tick off one of the first items to your new home to-do list: choose paint colours for the interior.

First off: Consider the space. When you’re looking at choosing paint colours for a room, consider the light the space receives. Light rooms work well with most tones while dark rooms don’t work well with muted colours. Consider the finishes in the room- wooden windows, tiled floors etc. – and how those finishes will look alongside various colours.

Don’t overcomplicate things: start with the colours you love. This can ensure that you create a look that you love, and which reflects your personality. Use your favourite colour as a base tone or use it as the starting point for a colour scheme.  When you’ve figured out what you like, take a minute to consider your colour tolerance- will you be able to handle bright colours in your home, or will you quickly get tired of them? Do you like cool or warm tones? Light or dark colours?

Get inspired: Dive into home-decoration sources for decorating inspiration.  Resources like Pinterest, Instagram, decorating websites and home-decoration magazines make it easy to find home décor tips, tricks and inspiration!

Get creative with neutrals: neutrals are an easy and safe choice, but this doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Accent wall decor, coloured ceilings and creative finishes can add some oomph to your home.

Find your paint colours in art: draw inspiration from the artwork in your home. Choose colours from the art pieces to use as a base for your walls or incorporate complementary colours to create a colour scheme. Mobus Properties Ltd. is a privately-held Ghanaian property investment, development and management company focusing on commercial and residential property development. The company has property portfolios in Ghana and Nigeria.

Mobus can you help you find the perfect home. Contact us today! 

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