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The Top 5 Fastest Growing Countries for International Investors

#1. Ghana We have spoken extensively with several people from Ghana and who have invested energy in Ghana, and the decision is crystal clear: investment is in. Ghana is expected to enjoy 32.7% capital development throughout the following five years. Ghana is a standout amongst the most free market economies in Africa, scoring even somewhat higher scores than Panama on the Economic Freedom Index. In fact most investors look at Ghana, Rwanda, and Botswana as the three most energizing economies in Africa. Foreign property ownership in Ghana is allowed, and real estate costs are still rather reasonable. Contrasted with a...
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Why Investors Love Africa Real Estate

Economic development has been singled out as being the key driver of change in Africa. With increasing stability in the region and an appetite from investors for real estate, the interest in real estate in Africa lies in its fast-approaching development potential.   Why invest in Africa? West Africa’s GDP developed at a rate of 5.89% in recent years. One report notes that net private capital flows into the region increased by 3.3 percent to a record high of $54.5 billion in 2012. So far African economies have been generally resilient to the sharp fall of international commodity prices. Production...
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“Coming Soon – Richfield Lifestyle Estate”

Pantry vs. Scullery New homeowners and renovators alike are setting sculleries high on their wish list as functionality and practicality make this cost effective kitchen addition to hard to refuse. The idea of an open plan kitchen design has allowed homeowners to invest more time with family and friends while cooking and entertaining in the home. It additionally showcased a shift to a more easy-going way of life by not being afraid to expose the reality of “an untidy kitchen”. However as the walls of conventional kitchens have fallen away, others have remained. Walk-in pantries and sculleries have become a...
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Plunge In Commodity Prices Expose African Cities To Investors

The fall in commodity prices in the international market has left many investors seeking alternative investments in Africa, where most economies are supported by the export of metals, oil and agricultural produce such as coffee and cocoa. According to a Reuters report, investors on the continent have now turned their focus to other sectors including retail, financial services, technology as well as real estate. Major African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana are expected to receive an increase in foreign investment, despite the countries’ economies taking a knock under reduced export revenue from their top commodities. In the...
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Who’s Buying Real Estate In Ghana?

Housing prices increased substantially over the last year in Ghana. The gap is growing between supply and demand for real estate and stakeholders say the quantity and quality of investors seeking to invest is changing. Property developers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are looking to form partnerships with local developers in Ghana and build large-scale residential and commercial developments. Russia and Ukraine have also been looking at real estate investment opportunities, they believe the returns in Ghana exceed those found domestically and investment from other African countries is growing. Political stability in Ghana with the discovery of deep-water oil has...
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