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10 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Apartment

While renting gives a sense of freedom, geographically as well as financially, money wise it is better to buy than to rent. After all – who wants to be paying off someone else’s bond after all. Buying comes with a lot of responsibility and often requires a rethink of your spending freedom, so it is super important to buy the right place for you. The first step is to consider the following: Location location location Decide where you want to buy an apartment. Do you want to live near your family and friends? How close do you want to be...
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10 Reasons To Consider When Purchasing in a Residential Estate

Whether you are a first time buyer, or nearing retirement, residential estates offer a fantastic opportunity to experience the perks of living in a comfortable and secure setting. If you are looking at the possibility of purchasing in a residential estate, then this will obviously be an important purchase that will take careful consideration and research. Residential Estates are a popular purchase for a number of reasons, therefore before weighing up your options, we here at Mobus Property have come up with ten of the best.   Cost Cost is an important consideration with any purchase you make, and this...
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Luxury Real Estate Can be Green

There is a large range of growing luxury real estate markets available. One of the concepts was the lifestyle consideration of owning a luxury green eco-friendly home. One of the most significant trends in the luxury home market is the rise of environmentally friendly homes. Many luxury builders are moving in the direction of sustainability, reflecting the rising market demand and increasing value placed on these kinds of properties. High-end home construction has begun to incorporate energy-efficient measures such as solar power, geo-thermal heating, rainwater collection systems, the use of renewable materials and touch technology to control heat and lighting....
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8 Misconceptions About Travel in Africa

You’ll hear many conversations about Africa. Be it on the train, at work, in a movie, on the news or while socialising with your friends… it’ll bound to come up somewhere. With so much conversation around the world, misconceptions will happen and we feel that it’s time we looked at (and corrected) eight of the most common ones. 1. Africa is a Country As the first and possibly most frequent misconception on this list, it’s time to correct what is arguably the greatest geographical misconception in the world – Africa is NOT a country. In fact, with fifty-four independent countries...
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Luxury living in a Small space

It is indeed possible to have a good luxury living when you are living in a small space. London, is one of the world’s most exciting cities. It is a city that is alive 24/7, there is always something to see and do. But it is a costly place to be in, and space is at a premium. A small room can be roughly 2.5m x 2.5m with a closet nook and if you’re working on a limited budget it is important to make the space both functional and fabulous. Use technology in your designs, whether it’s mechanical or digital,...
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