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Why Living in a Gated Community is Good for Your Health (Part 1)

Praised for being a great place to raise a family and for being secure, we are all familiar with the obvious reasons why living in a lifestyle estate is so appealing. But there are other benefits to living in an estate — it might be better for your health! Safety Ah, good old safety and security… There’s a reason why it’s the second tier of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs!  When we don’t feel safe and secure, our nervous system is under stress (or feels nervous — mind the pun). Research shows that the lack of safety and security creates stress...
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How to Decorate Your Home to Always Be in Style: The Trends

Now that you have your basics in place, it’s time to embrace current trends. To illustrate this, we will hop aboard the millennial pink bandwagon. Accent Walls Big enough to make a statement, painting one wall in a room with an accent colour is a great way to combine your existing style with the current trend. Having just one accent wall ensures that your existing pieces of furniture and curtains don’t look out of place, as you will still have walls painted in the original neutral tone.   Throws and Scatter Cushions Throws and scatter cushions are a quick and...
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How to Decorate Your Home to Always Be in Style: The Basics

Time flies, and before you know it, that gorgeous living room you spent thousands on suddenly looks dated. Devastated, you look at the current trends online and in home magazines, only to realise that you are not willing to spend that much money on redesigning your home, and why should you? Luckily, there is a solution: style your home to be timelessly chic but still stay up-to-date with trends. Start with the basics. The key to achieving a stylish home is to have the right basics: it’s like building a house or putting on make-up — the foundation makes the...
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The Interior Deco Trends Making a Comeback in 2019

Back by popular demand, these décor trends are making a comeback – and it’s easy to see why! Statement Ceilings Look, we are not saying you need to find the next Michelangelo and paint your version of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (although, if that is what you’re into, go ahead and share the results!). From wallpaper to coffered ceilings and colourful paints, this is a great way to take your home’s interior to new heights. Image sources   Wallpaper Ah, wallpaper! It’s no longer reserved for your grandmother’s house, the kitchen from That 70’s Show,...
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What is Driving Ghana’s Real Estate Market? (Part 2)

In 2015, PwC released its report on real estate on the African continent, Real Estate –  Building the Future of Africa, providing insight into where it sees the real estate market of the continent in 2020. In their report, PwC identifies eight drivers for growth on the African continent; here is part two of our series! Government and Legislation PwC states that the influence of government policy and legislation on the decision to invest will increase and that while local partnerships will become more important. Pension funds, stock exchange, and banking regimes Advancement within pension fund, stock exchange and banking...
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