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Things to do or see in Abuja, Nigeria

Home to six million people, Nigeria’s capital is known for its wealth and relaxed atmosphere.  Although it is definitely more tranquil than bustling Lagos, Abuja nevertheless has a host of activities and things to do. Five Things to do or see in Abuja Bature Brewery Abuja’s only brewery and tap room, this microbrewery creates beers inspired by Nigeria.  Bature offers cold beer on tap and often hosts events, including quiz nights and viewings of sports matches. The brewery is located in Discovery Mall. Jabi Lake This beautiful location offers visitors a host of activities, including canoe rides, speed boat rides,...
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Home Finance: Guide to Getting a Mortgage

Securing a mortgage is a crucial step for most potential homeowners, enabling them to get the house of their dreams. Securing a mortgage can be very daunting, but don’t stress! Our easy guide to mortgages will tell you how to get a mortgage for your home. Getting a mortgage loan in Ghana can be summarised in 4 main steps; Step 1:  Decide what type of mortgage you need There are four overarching types of mortgages available in Ghana, from a Home Purchase Mortgage (HPM), Home Equity Mortgage (HEM), Home Completion Mortgage (HCM), to a Home Improvement Mortgage (HIM). The different...
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Outdated bathroom trends to avoid in 2019

Trends are great, but sometimes, what once seemed chic and stylish might start to look old fashioned and dated. Here are five bathroom design and decor trends we think need to go: Glass block bathroom windows Although these are undoubtedly functional; offering privacy while still allowing light to filter through, thick glass block window panes have quickly become a marker for tired bathrooms. Hollywood style bathroom lights Old school glamour has its limits, and it seems that these Hollywood style bathroom lights are it. Oversized bulbs along the black frames of mirrors might have been perfect for Marilyn Monroe, but...
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Ghana is Raising the Bar for Leisure Tourism in Africa

Ghana is changing the world of African leisure tourism. Once an underappreciated sector in Africa, leisure tourism is growing at a phenomenal rate across the continent.  Continued economic growth in many African countries is driving tourist interest, and Ghana is proving increasingly attractive to foreign tourists as well as tourists from other African countries. Historically famous for its vast reserves of gold, Ghana is attracting tourists due to its unspoiled coastline with sandy white beaches, friendly people, natural beauty, relative political stability and cultural heritage. The Ghanaian government has been quick to recognise the potential inherent in the tourism sector,...
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Creative ways to add colour to your home

Colour: Colour can refresh you, lift your spirits or even depress you. Colours have immense emotional significance and go a long way in influencing our emotions and experiences, and everyone has their own personal connection to colour. For many homeowners, it can be difficult to add areas of bright colour to their homes, adding their creative vision without making it feel overwhelming or overwrought. Here are our top tips for adding a statement colour to your home. How to add colour to your home Cushions If you’re feeling unsure, start with something small like throw pillows. Affordable and easy to...
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