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Creative ways to add colour to your home

Colour: Colour can refresh you, lift your spirits or even depress you. Colours have immense emotional significance and go a long way in influencing our emotions and experiences, and everyone has their own personal connection to colour. For many homeowners, it can be difficult to add areas of bright colour to their homes, adding their creative vision without making it feel overwhelming or overwrought. Here are our top tips for adding a statement colour to your home. How to add colour to your home Cushions If you’re feeling unsure, start with something small like throw pillows. Affordable and easy to...
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How To Add Greenery To Your City Apartment

For many city dwellers, there comes a time that they start to long for a bit of nature; some greenery and freshness to lift their spirits and energise them. Apartment dwellers, in particular, may long for a bit of green to liven up their homes. Which is why we’ve compiled this guide to adding greenery to your apartment. Window boxes Who says you need an outdoor area to have outdoor plants? One can purchase window boxes which attach to your window frames or sit on your window sills-they take up little space and are ideal for fragrant flowers like sweet...
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Four incredible national parks in Nigeria

Whether living in Nigeria or just visiting, one cannot deny the beauty and wildness of its outdoors. Nigeria’s large landmass ensures that it offers a variety of natural beauty; from waterfalls, deserts, rainforests and islands, Nigeria has it all. Yankari National Park Yankari is one of the most popular national parks in Nigeria, and for a good reason. This beautiful national park teems with a diversity of animals and plants. This park is home to Nigeria’s largest existing population of African bush elephants, as well as many baboons, hippo’s and a menagerie of birdlife. The park is famous for its...
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Let’s go Lagos: Things to do in Africa’s largest city

When it comes to Lagos, Nigeria (and Africa’s!) largest city, boredom is the last thing on your mind. Bustling, busy and business-focused; this is a city to watch. 1. Lekki Conservation centre This tranquil and tropical park offers guests a bit of respite from the chaos of the city. Don’t miss out on the longest canopy walk in Africa, here in the park. 2. Freedom park Located in downtown Lagos, Freedom park is a multi-functional cultural hub, based on a colonial prison ground. The park is a go-to spot for arts, culture and recreation and boasts a gallery, museum, and...
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How to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home

Most people will readily admit that a home’s atmosphere can immediately impact how you experience that space- A warm, inviting atmosphere can encourage you to linger, while a cold, moody atmosphere may make you wish you had stayed away. When hosting an event, homeowners may often wonder about the atmosphere created in their home. Here are five top tips to creating an inviting atmosphere when hosting an event. 1. Play some music Create a welcoming air for guests with relaxing music. Make sure the volume is low enough to enable guests to converse, while still being audible in the background....
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