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Why Living in a Gated Community is Good for Your Health (Part 2)

Gated communities…the picturesque landscape and its accompanying architecture… it’s easy to see why they are lusted after! But there are more benefits to lifestyle estates than just aesthetics. Social life The great Greek philosopher Aristotle said: “man is by nature a social animal.” A Forbes article claims that we can mirror each other’s brain activity when we are engaged in storytelling and listening. In addition to this, humans have a social desire to belong. A lifestyle estate helps us with this social desire – whether it’s greeting your neighbours on your way to work, mingling with other residents at the...
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Stable Economic Environment Draws Foreigners to Ghana

Ghana’s property market has been on the rise over the last decade. Due to a stable democratic environment and a strong currency, residential property prices have soared over the years. The capital city of Accra, in particular, has been quite attractive to investors. There are a few key areas that have a surge in prices. The most expensive area in Accra is the Airport Residential Area, with average house prices of US$262,250. Other expensive areas in the capital include East Legon US$220,842 and Spintex US$652,632. The least expensive houses in Accra can be found in Madina with averages price of US$55,211, followed by Kwabenya and Abokobi, with average house...
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Two Ways to Get into the Property Market in Ghana

Many people turn to real estate when looking to increase their investment portfolios and if you are looking at purchasing property in Ghana, now is a perfect time. Investing in the Ghanaian property sector has become increasingly popular over the years. Despite the sometimes tough economy, it is possible to make money in the property sector. Buying real estate comes with many challenges but it has can also have great rewards. Let’s look at a few ways investors can take advantage of the real estate sector in Ghana. Rental Properties Buying a property and renting it out will ensure you...
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Gated Communities: Living Life to the Fullest

Concrete jungles, neon rainbows, and one-eyed ballerinas that control the fast cars in the slow traffic. Big city life is bliss, right? Your house is your castle — a fortress amidst the cold concrete cliffs. Melodrama aside, our homes are where we go to relax and unwind. It then follows naturally that our homes should reflect our personal taste, style, and lifestyle; not just on the inside, but also on the outside. Living in an estate that has a unique architectural style lends personality to your home. Lifestyle estates are often at the forefront of trends. It means that you...
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3 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home

There is a shift in interior design: Surrounded by big cities, bustling cars, and industrial buildings, we yearn for nature. And the current design trends reflect this. Plants are everyone’s go-to; but if you are anything like us, you know that keeping a plant happy and alive all year long is… well… difficult. Image: “Plant Queen” Cartoon by Sarah Anderson aka Sarah’s Scribbles. Luckily, design trends have caught up to the fact that not all of us have green fingers, so here are some design tips to nature into your home without the guilt and shame you feel when you...
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