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How to Decorate with Mirrors

One of the most versatile and effective decorative tools, mirrors create a sense of space, improve proportions, bring in light and reflect beautiful views – while adding that touch of glamour. Try new ideas to make mirrors work in your home. Mirror Layering Layering is effective in decorating. Mirror layering reflects the space and adds more depth to your living room, bedroom or entrance hall. Position a framed mirror or a few large framed mirrors against a wall and enhance the effect with beautiful furniture pieces, such as a server or console table. Mirror Art Create a unique decorating feature...
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Stylish and Practical Storage Solutions for Every Room

What is not to love about compact and clever storage with slick contemporary design? From the living room to the bedroom, the latest storage solutions combine functionality with design to give the best of both worlds. Think of multi-purpose furniture A multifunctional unit with slim drawers, pull-out baskets, and built-in storage compartments is highly practical in any room and can double as a dresser, sideboard, cabinet or study. Wall units and cabinets can be a classy and practical mix of storage and display units. Add handcrafted details and vintage appeal Achieve beautifully crafted functionality and give your room a vintage...
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Dreamy Bedroom Design Solutions

Bedrooms are a place of escape and rest, and the ideal opportunity to make a glamorous personal statement. Go beyond your wildest dreams and indulge your inner escapist with bedrooms that reflect more than privacy, relaxation, and comfort. Classic meets contemporary Get the perfect balance between classic elegance and modern craftsmanship with an upholstered or deep-buttoned headboard and footer that matches the tone of the fabric with the bed frame. Pair with upholstered ottomans, cotton and textured throws, and crisp linen curtains for serene luxury and comfort. Private sanctuary Achieve an intimate cocooning feel with a four-poster bed that anchors...
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5 Ways to Colour Your Home

Paint has never been a more creative, transformative and feel-good home update. Forget the obvious colour renovations and use striking palettes and colour applications. And when you are not in the mood for painting, go for daring and on-trend colour updates and alternatives! A bold multi-colour scheme Add more oomph to your walls with earthy and in-fashion tones such as mustard, terracotta, burnt orange, spicy reds and pinks. Use paler colours – the lighter shade in the palette – for bigger areas, and keep the darker shades for the trim. Dare to go further and complement your wall colour scheme...
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Investing in Ghana’s Booming Rental Property Market

Investing in Ghana’s real estate has become increasingly popular, lucrative and profitable over the last couple of years. There are diverse investment opportunities to expand your portfolio of rental properties and achieve substantial returns. With the economy heading in a positive, upward trend, there is an influx of business professionals, entrepreneurs, foreigners and expats willing to spend and invest in the country. Investing in rental properties in popular neighbourhoods can bring great returns, providing that you do proper research about the rental values and tenants’ expectations. As a property owner renting your unit to tenants, you receive a fixed rental...
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