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3 Non-negotiables When Buying a Residential Plot

Buying a residential plot to build your dream home is an exhilarating prospect for any homeowner. Make the process easier by looking at a few essential factors while visiting the site. Check Location and Neighbourhood Location is perhaps the most important aspect of the selection process. Firstly decide what placement is better for your family, e.g., in a large residential estate. The advantage of buying in a residential estate is the availability of serviced plots which are already connected to vital infrastructure and ready to be built on. Canvas the neighbourhood where the vacant plot is situated and think about...
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Building Your Home? Why Your Project Needs Building Insurance

Make sure your dream home gets the attention and protection it needs by taking a building insurance policy. Here is why it is important to have this type of insurance if you are building a home. Insure Property Under Construction A home insurance policy will only qualify the homeowner for protection of the property and its goods inside it once the building is complete. Until then, in the construction phase, your soon-to-be home and any property on the building site are not insured. It is why building insurance comes in handy. While your contractor may already be in possession of...
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Choosing the Perfect Rug for Your Interior

With so many different rug patterns, textures, and colours, choosing a rug for your interior space can be daunting. Look beyond the trends appeal and the pricing and include the following tips to guide you when shopping for your perfect rug. Think about your Lifestyle Needs A well-placed rug will add a unique appeal to any room. Before you make the purchase, consider how your choice will fit your lifestyle and needs. If you have children and pets, or you want to place the rug in a high traffic area,  you will want to consider a rug with stain resistant...
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Mixed-use Developments on the Rise in West Africa

A lack of infrastructure, congested traffic, and scarcity of land in prime locations are among the reasons mixed-use developments have become popular in parts of West Africa, particularly Nigeria and Ghana. The last few years have seen an increase in interest in mixed-use development schemes which include retail, residential, office and hotel and conference facilities. Investors in the African Western region are attracted to the prospect of mixed-use developments as they gain access to multiple property segments within a single development, thus spreading risk across their real estate interests. Africa is attracted to mixed-use developments as a result of population...
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4 Popular Options for Outdoor Surfaces

Today’s homeowners are spoilt for choice with an increasing variety of flooring options. Here are some great selections to consider for your outdoor flooring. Concrete Concrete has become a trendy and popular choice in the past years. Concrete can last a lifetime, and it is probably one of the easiest materials to maintain and clean if you are not a fan of porcelain and ceramic tiles. Concrete surfaces can be used both indoors and outdoors. Plus, there are different colours available to brighten any room or patio. For your exterior space though, go for concrete tiles, which are thicker and...
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